Thursday, August 03, 2017

Not much to report

It's been quiet. The weather was mixed, varying from warm sunshine to torrential rain and back again. A stiff wind has battered the house all day.

The Silver Vixen was out for much of the morning, so the Gorse Fox was left to handle the weekly Ocado delivery before he retired to the study to do the accounts. While there he also selected a restaurant for our anniversary lunch, later this month. We have decided to go abroad to celebrate and this meant we had some research to do. The Gorse Fox isn't sure what this foreign food is like and how good the particular restaurant might be. In the end he selected one and booked. It seems to have a super outlook over the Channel and the menu seemed to suit our tastes. It's a long tome since we've crossed the water, but it should make a change. The Gorse Fox will have to brush up on his local phrases and accent for when he orders the food. he always thinks it's nice to make an effort when visiting some foreign land. Having said that, the isle of Wight isn't really that far geographically.

Urban-Cub turned up with Ellie at lunchtime. Pistol Pete was at home, but had an important telephone interview scheduled and Urban-Cub said she's have been on tenterhooks in case Ellie got noisy during the call. It was easier to escape entirely and leave him to it. As usual, Ellie was a joy an we had a lovely couple of hours.

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