Friday, August 04, 2017

Hands that do dishes

There are few things more annoying than intermittent faults. We have been suffering for several months with occasional failures of the dishwasher. It seems totally random, but about once a week or ten days it will fail mid-cycle and start bleeping. A check in the manual defines several error scenarios - none display the acoustic signal we get in combination with the various lights.

Having had to wash up by hand (yes, a first world problem) twice this week, the Gorse Fox decided enough was enough. He called a man. Not just any man you understand, but a man who fixes appliances. This afternoon the man came knocking with his toolbox in hand.

He dived in and tried a number of things, dismantling several components. Eventually he found the water level sensor which appeared to be clogged up. With this functioning incorrectly, the machine would think there is water there when there isn't or vice versa. A bit of digging about cleared the blockage and the part was re-installed. Now we will have to wait and see.

What impressed the Gorse Fox was the fact that he wrote an invoice but told the Gorse Fox not to pay  it until he had run the dishwasher for a few days without any problems - then he can either pay or contact the chap to come and fix things if they didn't work.

Meanwhile, the Silver Vixen spent some time over with Urban-Cub as Ellie was due for her latest set of inoculations. A little bit of moral support is always welcome at such times.

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