Thursday, July 06, 2017


Another fabulous day with temperatures in the high 20s. The Gorse Fox is really enjoying this. Not so much because of the bright sunshine and hot weather (which he loves) but more so the clear blue skies. He finds this so much more uplifting than the grey and overcast weather we can get.

After the morning admin, the Gorse Fox adopted the view of YOLO (he believes the youth of today use this anagram for "you only live once" - though suspects that many Buddhists would argue this at length). The Gorse Fox was not looking at this from a philosophical point of view... but more a case of pushing life's boundaries. To this end he downloaded the latest software updates for Family Tree Maker (FTM) with utter abandon. Seeing that everything worked without any apparent hitch he decided that he should continue to live life on the edge.

With that in mind he swept the Silver Vixen up and took her to John Lewis's for a cup of coffee, and ice cream, and to replace some broken plates. (Yes, the Gorse Fox is known for his romantic gestures).

With that box ticked, he then swept her round to the new Aldi store in Chichester. This was the climax of the morning. It was unlikely that either of us could stand much more excitement. In truth Aldi was a disappointment. The prices may have been marginally lower and there were some interesting offers, but not enough to drag us back with any regularity. As an aside, it also seemed to be filled with zombies.

Back home the Gorse Fox returned to the family tree and the Silver Vixen went to potter in the garden. The new version of FTM has a slightly different licensing structure. This means that he can have a copy of the software on his main MAC and on his MacBook - with both linked to the same tree. This is a vast improvement as it gives him better portability when doing research. The software is now installed on the MacBook and everything appears to be hunky dory.

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