Wednesday, July 05, 2017


Another scorching day with temperatures up in the hight 20s. The Gorse Fox can put up with this!

Football was hard work today. The sides were a little unbalanced - at least that's how it turned out. The problem was that some of our players really couldn't move around in the heat. If the ball was more than two feet from their two feet, they just left it. At half time it was still pretty even, but in the second half (when we actually had a statue man advantage) things rather collapsed and we lost heavily.

Back home the Gorse Fox spent most of the afternoon working on the family tree. This proved to be very fruitful and several additional generations were identified in various branches of Pistol Pete's tree.

The early evening saw a summer hog roast for the residents. The is was held by Berkeley Homes and made good use of the Italian Gardens (which we overlook) in the centre of the development. It was a lovely relaxed affair and an opportunity to mix with neighbours from all over the estate. The Gorse Fox wonders how many developers run these sorts of events... Berkeley have held Christmas and summer events every year since we moved in.

The Coventry Hobbit and Cousteau-Cub moved over to Koh Phi Phi today. Cousteau-Cub will be shuttling back and forth, but the Coventry Hobbit is staying put for now in order to make the most of his new job there.

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