Monday, July 17, 2017

Screen gems

Fabulous weather again today, but the Gorse Fox has been glued to the computer all day. The Silver Vixen went in to Chichester for a regular dental checkup, but the Gorse Fox stayed put.

All the computer time was spent working on the family tree, specifically Pistol Pete's ancestral line. This made a little more complex by a link that the Gorse Fox broke and then isolated a chunk of tree without realising. Thinking he had deleted these people by accident, he had to put them all back... then found they were there as duplicates and had to go through cleaning that up. Eventually, everything was crisp and clear, and the Gorse Fox concentrated on getting some fresh research. Several new people were identified, several generations added to the tree and Pistol Pete's earliest recorded person is now at about 1700.

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