Monday, July 24, 2017

Nice start

It was a nice start to the week. Jasper left the Gorse Fox alone until about 6:30-ish. This was a treat. Once we were up and about the Gorse Fox headed for the study. There was more research required on the Silver Vixen's part of the family tree. He thought he's make a start before Urban-Cub and baby Ellie arrived.

Urban-Cub turned up mid-morning and we had a nice few hours with her and our lovely granddaughter.

Her car-induced doze didn't last for too long and the Silver Vixen took control of the feed that was due. Once we were ready for our own food, the Gorse Fox took control whilst the girls finished their lunch. This meant that the Gorse Fox had an hour or so of one-on-one as she chirped, chuckled, and eventually slept.

They left mid-afternoon and the Gorse Fox returned to the family tree. He has an anomaly somewhere and he needs to resolve it. He suspects part of the problem lies with brother and sister marrying brother and sister but that doesn't explain it all away. He's wondering if he needs to delete a chunk of the tree and rebuild it.

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