Monday, July 31, 2017

More of the same

A lovely day today - bright sun and a few clouds scudding across the sky. The morning started when Jasper dragged the Gorse Fox from bed at 06:15. This wasn't too much a problem as he was already awake.

The Gorse Fox did some research and was filling in some new family tree details when the software crashed.
He restarted it. It crashed.
He restored his full backup. It crashed.
He restarted the computer.
He restarted the software. It crashed.

Not a good start. The Gorse Fox contacted the developers using their Live Chat service. Thirty seconds later he was explaining the problem to Linda. A minute or so later, she had a solution. It took the Gorse Fox about ten minutes to follow through and voila, the problem was solved.

The rest of them morning was spent catching up on a few bits of housekeeping, then this afternoon he returned to his research. This was slow but successful. He has driven another part of the Silver Vixen's family back to her 9th great parents. In doing this he found another researcher had driven the same family back beyond 1303!!! The Gorse Fox does not accept this as fact - but will certainly examine what sources are available to see how far he can get.

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