Sunday, July 09, 2017

Lazy day

Weather is gorgeous again today - clear blue skies and mid 20s. Perfect. Again, Jasper was keen to make the most of it, so the Gorse Fox was up before 06:30.

There was no football today. We could not get sufficient players for two teams so decided to have a Sunday off. As it happens, that was convenient as Pistol Pete was working and so Urban-Cub came round with Ellie to spend much of the day with us. This meant that much of the day revolved around feeds, nappy changes, cuddles and naps.

The Gorse Fox had decided early on that there would be no woodworking today, so he was able to sit and enjoy the family time. Mind you, he did spend much of that using his laptop to do further research on Pistol Pete's family tree. It was quite fruitful as he was able to push back a further generation in several families and was also able to fill in more gaps in the overall story. Very satisfying. (He also managed to put his dovetailing jig together, but resisted playing with it).

As an aside, the Gorse Fox's sister is currently visiting Beloved Aunt in Canada. She has been particularly poorly and Sis thought a visit was in order. It seems she has done well as Agent Mulder managed to get her an upgraded suite at the hotel where she is staying... though she'll spend most of the week with Beloved Aunt.

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