Saturday, July 08, 2017


Another lovely day. Jasper was determined to make the most of it, dragging the Gorse Fox from bed at 06:00. Never mind, there were YouTube videos to watch -  the Gorse Fox was planning to build the  table prototype. He wanted to look at examples of making a breadboard edge - that was the objective for the day.

The Gorse Fox headed for the garage.

The breadboards were cut. The mortise was milled into the edge, then slowly the tenons were formed in the boards that had been joined yesterday. Unfortunately the boards were somewhat bowed as the Gorse Fox no long has a planer/thicknesser but as this is only a prototype, he wasn't too worried. Slowly the breadboards were sized and fitted. This was a slow process, but it finally went together.

The Gorse Fox learnt several things. The first was that the tenons were a fraction too long and this left a tiny gap at the edge of the board. More importantly he learnt that the mortise was too wide and tenon too thick. This meant that the pressure of the bowed table top was enough to crack the side of the mortise. A useful lesson.

A text arrived mid-morning. Screwfix had his dovetail jig in store. He wandered round and as he walked in, Jenny (the manager) shouted to the back for Jo to go and get the Gorse Fox's order. Obviously he has been there so often she now knows him by name. The dovetail jig will come into its own tomorrow (he hopes).

Meanwhile, Urban-Cub and baby Ellie popped round. She left Ellie with us while she went and did her weekly shop. This is usually delivered, but ASDA at Ferring had an IT problem and couldn't make any deliveries today.

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