Saturday, July 29, 2017

All quiet

Bright start but the weather deteriorated and now it's pouring with rain.

This is the sort of day that means you don't really need to make excuses to sit in front of the computer  working on the family tree. The Gorse Fox has made lots of progress - and whilst he has only added a few new people to the tree he has found a significant amount of corroborative data.

Two Hats knocked on the door. We had taken in a delivery for them. The Gorse Fox challenged hime "Was that a router humming away last weekend?" He had to admit it was. The package we had taken in was a router table. The Gorse Fox suspects that Tinkerbell will not be too happy with him... evidently he's a bad influence! Two Hats admitted that he can't understand how he's got through without a router in the past.

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