Monday, June 05, 2017

Wedding Dress

With Urban-Cub getting married to Pistol Pete in a three weeks, it was time for the Gorse Fox to go and get his wedding dress. You would have though that he had plenty of decent suits - and he did. The problem is that he has lost so much weight over the past few years that none of them fit him. So it was that the Silver Vixen and the Gorse Fox headed into Chichester.

First stop was the trusty M&S, but despite wandering through the racks there was nothing that leapt out and said "by me". The Gorse Fox wasn't sure whether to go for a suit or just a jacket and trousers - both options were in the mix. From M&S we moved on to House of Fraser. In their menswear department they have an outlet for Skopes (men's tailoring). This was better. The choice and styling was more to the Gorse Fox's taste - and it turns out that it was the last day of their 20% discount sale. It didn't take long to find, try on, deliberate, and eventually buy a very nice ensemble.

We stopped to do some shopping for the Silver Vixen then dropped our purchases back at the car before heading down South Street for some lunch at The Chantry. As before, it was very quiet, very welcoming, and the food was excellent (and good value for money).

A last stop at M&S for a some casual slacks (even his trousers are too big) and then we headed home. As we arrived at the car it started to spit with rain. We had clearly timed things to perfection.

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