Sunday, June 11, 2017

Warm one

Though not particularly sunny - it was a nice warm morning. This became particularly noticeable when the Gorse Fox headed off to football. He left extra early today. The local bypass is closed for maintenance so there's a traffic diversion. We had also been told there was bit tournament at the sports centre and that parking would be difficult.

Well, the diversion was traffic free and the Gorse Fox arrived quicker than expected. He then had the choice of parking spaces. His informant had got the dates wrong and there very little scheduled. Oh well, it gave him a chance to sit and chat before having to get changed.

The game was warm, very warm. It was also close... finishing 8-7. (Unfortunately, the Gorse Fox was on side only scoring 7). After his high scoring feats of last week, he only managed one goal today.

The afternoon was quiet. Cousteau-Cub spent some time trying sort out her flight cancellations using the various online chat facilities. She was impressed by the service she received even though she didn't manage to get a refund. (They offered the chance to reschedule - but she isn't sure when she can get back to use them).

The Silver Vixen was cutting out some fabric for her latest project. The Gorse Fox measure up his router table for a jig that he plans to make. Then he broke out Sketchup and started designing the new kitchen table top and the mechanism that will allow it to use the existing table stand.

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