Friday, June 09, 2017

Spare Ribs

Cousteau-cub woke after a good night's sleep. She felt much more human but clearly the pain from her ribs had not subsided. The pharmacist, yesterday, had recommended we got things checked out and in the cold light of day, after a good night's sleep, this seemed like sensible advice.

The Gorse Fox and Cousteau-cub headed for A&E at St Richard's in Chichester. We booked in and the triage nurse saw her very quickly - then we had to wait for the doctor. It wasn't too bad - about an hour before she was seen. X-ray taken, examination, then advice. She left - still sore - but feeling a lot happier that it had been checked. It does mean, however, that she has cancelled her planned hop across to Gran Canaria for a few days.

At lunchtime we headed out to The Gribble Inn and met up with Urban-Cub, Pistol Pete, Amber, and Miss Ellie. As always, we had a good lunch there.

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