Sunday, June 04, 2017

Play day

It was another lovely day. There was football to play, but first the Gorse Fox was intrigued by a possible change to his accounts spreadsheet. This got him thinking. Time whizzed by as he adapted some of the existing worksheets and some of the formulae. There are some things that really should be a little easier to do than they turn out to be. (There used to be an interpreter on the IBM VM system called Exec2 - not as good as Rexx but still very powerful - which allowed a huge degree of indirection, but whilst it's possible to do some indirection with Excel, it's not as powerful and is not recursive). Soon it was time to shut the laptop and head off.

Football was fun as usual. Though the Gorse Fox was on the loosing side (8-6) it was fairly close and he managed to score four of the team's goals. Very satisfactory!

Back home Old Bill had sent out a clarion call for the Sonning Crew. With a potential change in Government this coming week, this could be the last time that we can all afford to go to the pub. (Or at least, that was the excuse). We decided to head out for a lunchtime tipple... it seemed only right.

In practise, if there is a change in Government, it will probably not affect us too much. It might even work in our favour. It will, however, store up no end of debt and problems for our kids and their kids.

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