Thursday, June 01, 2017

One week

Only one week to go before Cousteau-Cub is back home with us for a few weeks. It's really exciting and we are all looking forward to so seeing her. (Oh yes, and there's the Election!)

Lots of admin today - the weekly accounts kicked things off. Followed by the monthly check on the utility meter readings (electricity up slightly on same period last year, but gas and water down). Then we ha had the excitement of the Ocado delivery before the Gorse Fox went into town. One of the nice things about several of the local towns (but not Chichester) is that you can buy a parking badge for £1. This allows you up to 2 hours of free parking. It was time that the Gorse Fox renewed his permits so he went along to one of the outlets that sell them then, clutching the badges, headed for the post office. A parcel was waiting for collection. The Gorse Fox suspected he knew what it was, though wasn't expecting it until Friday. He left clutching a box containing some new pocket-hole screws and the appropriate screw-driver bit for them.

Next stop was B&Q. Five more decking boards were loaded into the car ready for the construction of the last of the planters. All very satisfying.

The Gorse Fox was also expecting the chap to come and fit new tyres on the Silver Vixen's broomstick. A message this morning suggested he would arrive between 16:00 and 18:00.  At 13:30 he phone and said he was running ahead of schedule could he come along early? By 14:00 he was there and soon after there were some shiny new boots on the broomstick. Excellent service.

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