Wednesday, June 28, 2017


The morning was overcast and it had clearly been raining overnight. It was drying up, but would remain overcast. The Silver Vixen had Pilates and planned to stop off at Urban-Cub's on the way back.

The Gorse Fox had his football. Today he was playing in the yellow bibs and it was 5 vs 6. Despite being one man short we managed to hold our own during the first half and after 30 minutes it was 2 goals each. The Gorse Fox had hit both posts, the cross-bar, put one over the top and had two saved. We could have been a long way ahead!

The second half allowed us to inch into the lead and once ahead we started to stretch ahead. The Gorse Fox finally scored and quickly added another. In the end we rolled out 8-3 winners. Most satisfactory.

Back home the Gorse Fox had been working on the design of the new dining table. It was time to head to the timber suppliers and get an idea of the various types and colours of oak they had available - and get an estimate of the cost. He head up towards Petworth then turned along the A272 to stop off at West's at Selham. What an outfit! The selection of wood was exceptional and the services they can provide could allow the whole job to be offloaded onto them and their machines (for a price).

Now that the Gorse Fox has all the information he has returned to his spreadsheets and the design. The next step will be to get some cheap pine from Wickes or B&Q and make up a prototype. This will ensure that all the measurements are right and that nothing gets wasted. (With the price of European oak being what it is, mistakes could be very costly).

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