Tuesday, June 27, 2017

No matter how often

The weather reflected our mood. It was grey and wet. Cousteau-Cub was packed and ready and we loaded the car to take her up to Heathrow.

The drive up there was chirpy enough - there was still plenty to talk about, but as we got closer, the silences grew longer. We parked up at T5 and headed in to the departures hall. We were a bit too early for the bags to be dropped off, so we went along to Cafe Nero to grab a coffee.

Too soon it was time for her to complete the bag drop and head for security. No matter how often we do this it never gets any easier. Even when we know when the next visit will be (by us, or by her) it seems hard to watch her disappear through the gate. With everything a bit up in the air (so to speak) this time, it seemed harder. It also seemed like a the start of a possible new adventure - only time will tell.

Back home we found a lovely card that she had left us. Both a bit choked.

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