Wednesday, June 07, 2017


We heard from Cousteau-Cub. She was at the airport ready to fly down to Kuala Lumpur from whence she will pick up a flight home. It's a long day travelling, but she should be back here in the UK tomorrow morning. She warned us that she's feeling sore, having come off here motorbike yesterday and suspects she has a cracked rib or two. She said she didn't have time for x-rays and wasn't going to risk being told not to fly!

We had a quiet morning. The Gorse Fox spent some time examine the dimensions of a new kitchen table we had considered. When mapped out on the floor, however, it was clear that it would be a non-starter. This got him back to the original plan which had been to use the base of the existing table, and replace to top with a new one that he would build. Measurement were taken and a degree of head scratching performed. Full design activity is needed, but that can wait a bit. The chairs that we had seen, however, look to be ideal for our needs so we will probably go ahead and buy them anyway.

We had an appointment. We were meeting the Gorse Fox's cousin for lunch. We pottered across to Bosham and followed them into the car park. Excellent timing.

Lunch was at Anchor Bleu. As usual it was excellent quality and it was clear we all had similar tastes as we all selected the same "Fish and Chips" and the the same "Billionaire's Cheesecake". It was a lovely chance to catch up, having not seen her since her birthday in March. After lunch we took a stroll around Bosham Quay. It was warm but the wind was cool and gusting quite hard so we didn't go too far.

Main topic for this evening is tracking BA34 and checking that Cousteau-Cub will land on time so she can be met without fuss and brought home from the airport.

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