Thursday, June 29, 2017


Thursday and the Gorse Fox has ignored the usual admin. Dreadful as that sounds - the admin can wait. The Gorse Fox is in design mode. His brain won't switch off to the various options and decisions that he must process before getting started on the prototype for the new dining table.

Some of the decisions would require some additional equipment (a dovetail jig) - but others may work just as well - but then, would they look as good?

How would the centre rails be attached to long rails? A through mortise and tenon? A blind mortise and tenon? or even a sliding dovetail? One may look better than the other, but will it provide sufficient structural integrity?

So it goes on.

The Gorse Fox has now been along to B&Q to look at the options regarding some inexpensive spruce from which the prototype can be built. The word "inexpensive" in this context is relative. Relative to the cost of the oak. It will still cost a fair bit, so the prototype must be built in such a way that it can later be disassembled and the wood reused.

Sketchup is burning hot on the computer and cut lists are being generated. The Gorse Fox is nearly ready.

Meanwhile the Silver Vixen has been in her workroom. It was Tinkerbell's birthday last week and we (The Sonning Crew) are all gathering to celebrate. The Silver Vixen has been making her a present. Even though it was meant as a tongue-in-cheek joke, based on an in-joke, she has actually made a very sweet soft toy giraffe. The Gorse Fox is sure she will both get the joke, and appreciate the amount of work that has gone in to making it.

It's also an auspicious day because the Gorse Fox's little sister celebrates her birthday. The Gorse Fox won't reveal her age (considerable as it is) but does hope she has a wonderful day.

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