Saturday, June 10, 2017


It was a very nice start to the day and it promised to remain sunny and warm. Urban-Cub had invited us over to spend the day with them and have a BBQ. That seemed like a perfect idea.

While Cousteau-Cub and the Silver Vixen were getting ready, the Gorse Fox headed out to the garage. His latest modification to the floating shelf design needed to be tested out. How difficult would it be to create sliding dovetail joints and would they be strong enough. The router table was set up and some scrap wood prepared. The slot was machined and then the sloping shoulders were carefully cut on the spar. The first attempt showed promise, but was too loose. The second attempt was so tight that it had to be "encouraged" home with a hammer. This, however, proved the point and proposed modification will be added to the next shelf that needs to be made.

We stopped at Sainsbury''s on the way to Urban-Cub's. Alco-free sparkling wine was needed and they had a an excellent selection. We were soon back on our way and pulling up out Urban-Cub's house.

Pistol Pete was doing some work on their shed, so the Gorse Fox lent a hand where appropriate and it was soon complete. Cousteau-Cub helped out with baby Ellie as the Silver Vixen and Urban-Cub discussed the garden and kept an eye on proceedings.

Then Cousteau-Cub and Urban-Cub got out paint brushes and painted the fence. (Not the smartest of moves for Cousteau-Cub who suffered the rest of the afternoon from the after effects).

Late afternoon the BBQ was fired up and a mountain of burgers, sausages, kebabs, ribs, and chicken pieces were heaped over the burners. Meanwhile Pistol Pete was preparing a salad to accompanying the protein blow-out. It was a lovely meal and there was plenty left when we finished.

We finished the afternoon by watching the last 20 minutes of the Scotland-England match... then, relieved at the 2-2 finish, packed our stuff up and headed home. It had been a wonderful day.

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