Monday, June 12, 2017

Another lunch

Well today involved another trip to Chichester. We had seen a table and chairs in a shop in Chichester last week and on asking for a quote were told there would be a significant sale starting this week. We went home and measured up. This made us realise the table would not fit in our kitchen - hence the Gorse Fox starting on a design of his own. The chairs, however, would be ideal.

Needless to say, it was not quite as straightforward as we might have hoped. There was a wall full of fabrics from which we had to select the right covers for our kitchen. This should have been easy - but when the fabric selection can more that double the price of each chair, making the wrong choice could be very expensive. In the end we chose a nice fabric that we both liked and didn't break the bank. Deposit paid, we now have to wait for a few weeks for delivery.

While we were choosing the fabrics, Cousteau-Cub was roaming the clothes shops looking for a suitable outfit for the wedding. When we had finished, the Silver Vixen joined in to offer guidance and advice. The Gorse Fox, knowing his limitations, stayed outside and watched the world go by (several times). Eventually, dress selected, we headed to Prezzo for some lunch.

After lunch we discussed what would be on the menu for supper. Cousteau-Cub volunteered to prepare a stir-fry so we dropped in to Waitrose to pick up the necessary ingredients. By late afternoon, back home, we concluded that we were still full from lunch and supper was not needed. The Gorse Fox suspects we will have the stir-fry tomorrow!

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