Thursday, May 04, 2017

Voted and Mounted

Local Elections today. The Gorse Fox expects the turn-out will be low as people are focussed on the General Election. Nevertheless, the Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen did their duty and wandered down to the Polling Station to make their mark.

Back home, Urban-cub had phoned. She was having a stressful day with baby Ellie and had a doctor's appointment scheduled for the afternoon. The Silver Vixen went across to lend a hand. The Gorse Fox stayed at home, expecting an unknown delivery from DPD. Soon after the Silver Vixen left, all was revealed. He got a phone call from Agent Mulder. The delivery was a gift for Ellie... being delivered to Urban-cub's house - but he had given the supplier the phone number of the Gorse Fox as it wouldn't accept US phone numbers.

The Gorse Fox spent much longer than seemed necessary mounting the router in the router table. Again, instructions were almost entirely absent and the process needed to be worked out from first principles. Finally done, the Gorse Fox could move forward with the assembly of the shelves for the Silver Vixen's hobby room. There's more to do... but at least we are moving forward again.

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