Friday, May 12, 2017

Under construction

After a wet start, it brightened up nicely and this afternoon has been lovely and warm. First thing saw a raft of domestic chores, but then the Gorse Fox pottered off to B&Q for the final items on his build list.

The build is going well. The Gorse Fox is really quite please with the way it's turning out. There are, however, still a number of design challenges to be met. For instance, the Gorse Fox has to develop a supporting leg that folds away into a space that's shorter than the leg is long. This means it needs to articulate in some fashion, or be telescopic. This is really the last of the big decisions that he needs to make, but whatever the choice the solution needs to be stable and support the weight of the tools and projects that will be built on the worktop. This one will have to filter through the little grey cells over night.

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