Friday, May 26, 2017

Tyred out

The Silver Vixen's broomstick needs some new front tyres. In the past you would just pop along to your nearest National Tyres or KwikFit and they would do the business. Now you have more options. The Gorse Fox decided to look around.

National Tyres quoted £319 per tyre. This seemed somewhat excessive... to say the least. (The Gorse Fox is, after all, a pensioner).

He then looked at eTyres (an outfit he had used in the past). eTyres were a little more reasonable at £225 per tyre and would come and fit the tyres here at home. Feeling that was reasonable he did another last check and trawl through the internet.

This was fruitful. The Gorse Fox found "TyresOnTheDrive" and they, like eTyres, fit the tyres at you home (or work or wherever you choose). They, however, had the same tyres at £191 each. This is what the Gorse Fox considers a result! Exactly the same tyres (Continentals) each £128 cheaper than the original quote. What's more the Gorse Fox can sit at home drinking coffee while it gets done.

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