Monday, May 15, 2017

There's Tidy

Though warm it was a very wet morning and thought the afternoon dried up, the cloud cover remained. What a grey day!

The Gorse Fox made the most of and empty schedule by heading out to the workshop to try and turn it back into a garage... at least in theory. It took most of the morning, but all of the tools are now packed away where they belong, the off-cuts were loaded into rubble sacks and the the shop vacuum went into overdrive to suck up all of the saw dust. By lunch time it was done and a small pile of things nestled by the door awaiting a break in the rain and a trip to the dump.

There was finally some respite from the rain. The Gorse Fox loaded up the car with the junk and headed out to the tip. There were a few raised eyebrows as he disposed of some 1.8m of 600mm drainage pipe, but this was not going to be re-used.

Overall, he's very pleased with how things have gone. The car cannot go in the garage yet... that will have to await whatever final solution gets invented to lift the workbench back against the wall.

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