Sunday, May 28, 2017

That went well

The Gorse Fox is feeling rather satisfied. He started the day with a trip to Wickes and B&Q. This was scouting for the boards from which he intended to build the planters designed yesterday. Wickes had nothing suitable (clearly they had run out)... but they did have some large bottles of Type D3 (Weatherproof) adhesive. Grabbing that, the Gorse Fox went on to B&Q. Their budget decking boards are only £4.50 each so the car was loaded up with enough for the first (prototype) planter, and the he headed home.

It only took a few minutes to set up the workshop and get under way. Boards were cut with 30 degree angles and once the pile was sufficient the hexagonal rings were assembled. A small jig was made, to ensure the angles were set correctly - then the edges were glued and pinned with the nailer. Once each ring was complete, the Gorse Fox wrapped some cord round it and tied it tightly to keep it under compression while the glue set.

The Gorse Fox has just been out to the garage to check the results and is very satisfied. Tomorrow he will sand the edges, drill some pocket holes, and then glue and screw each ring to the next. Should be finished by close of play tomorrow.

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