Sunday, May 14, 2017


Well the Gorse Fox has solved and implemented all but one of yesterday's outstanding problems. There was no football today, so he made use of the time out in the workshop.

The middle legs were braced in the vertical position by triangular brackets that can be inserted or removed with a simple bolt. The articulation of the end legs was locked by a wooden sleeve that drops over the hinged area on each leg. The position of the end legs was locked by the simple inclusion of a piece of wood that has a slot at the appropriate distance and allows the wood to just drop down over the braces that connect the two middle legs, and the two end legs. Sorted!

The whole workbench is as solid as a rock.

As intimated yesterday, it also the weight of a rock. In fact Gibraltar would be a fine similitude. This problem too has been solved, but not yet implemented. The Gorse Fox is going to construct a winch and pulley mechanism. Though he thinks he has found a suitable winch (hand cranked ratchet mechanism) - finding suitable pulleys is proving a challenge.

Despite this, the workbench is now usable... but clearly the car cannot be put away until the workbench can be stowed, and that depends on the winch and pulleys.

On the domestic front, Urban-Cub came round with baby Ellie. Pistol Pete is on duty so she was at a loose end and came round to us for company. Betty Rubble enjoyed the opportunity to feed her (Ellie, that is) and, of course, nanna Silver Vixen and grandpa Gorse Fox both had their opportunities to cuddle the little bundle of joy.

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