Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Well, it won't come as a great surprise that so far the Gorse Fox hasn't received any further communication from his "so-called" cousin adrift in Manila.

This is the second time that a the Gorse Fox has received an email such as this. The first time was from and American "cousin" who had be stranded in identical circumstances in London. Again the Gorse Fox called their scammers bluff by pointing out he was working in London and would be happy to meet with her to sort things out. Again silence!

Now the Gorse Fox enjoys leading these scammers along - but what worries him is that many people must be taken in by these emails and even if they don't part with money they could be genuinely worried that a relation is in dire straits somewhere. These emails are vicious and nasty... but like so many things nowadays, the bottom-feeding scum who do this hide behind the anonymity of the web.

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