Tuesday, May 09, 2017


What a glorious day. The sun has been up since first thing, and despite the forecast, there has hardly been a cloud to be seen. It's not hot (about 15-16C) but it's bright and that makes the spirits soar.

Being Tuesday, the Gorse Fox had his usual football session. There were fewer players than usual as many played in a tournament yesterday, and others are saving themselves for another tournament tomorrow. Instead of the usual round robing of 4 teams, we just had 2 teams and played 3 games in the first hour. The Gorse Fox is not sure how it finished up, but the sides were so close that it probably ended up a draw and one win for each team.

in the second hour we were down to 4-a-side. We changed the pitch size and then played 3 games on this slightly smaller format match. This ended up 1-1, 2-1, and 1-2. Again, very tight and great fun. The Gorse Fox managed to score three of his side's goals, hit the crossbar twice, and had a couple of shots saved. Pretty pleased over all.

We had a quiet afternoon in the Orangery. The Gorse Fox is trying to think through some of the design decisions for his workbench. In essence it should be easy, but he wants everything to foldaway into the smallest possible footprint... but be very solid and stable when opened out.

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