Tuesday, May 02, 2017


There was the usual football this morning. The Gorse Fox will just pass over it. It was not a great success inasmuch as the Gorse Fox didn't really play well and only got warmed up and into some sort of form as the second hour was drawing to a close.

One of the realities of downsizing was that the Gorse Fox had to dispose of many of his larger woodworking boy's toys. Now he has found that some need to be replaced - but replaced in a way that can be accommodated in his small garage. Fortunately he has found a folding router table which should do the trick and can be stowed away when not in use. (His old router table was huge and had a large permanent footprint in the old garage). Separately, his hand-held router needs to be augmented by a router than can be mounted in the new table - his current router cannot be fixed into a table. A new model has been selected and is now on order.

Pistol Pete has an appointment in Chichester this afternoon so we are on grandparent duties.

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