Friday, May 26, 2017

Poet's Day

Well that's what it used to be called before the Gorse Fox worked from home and then finally retired. With a steaming hot day and a Bank Holiday weekend it seems a perfects day to P-off early. As it happens, for hime, everyday fits the bill. His thoughts go out, however, to those stuck in hot, sweaty trains or, worse still, in cars queued in long jams heading for the holiday destinations for half-term. This was often our week of choice when the girls were young and believe me we have endured some dreadful journeys to the West country. In this heat, however, it will be even worse.

We had a quiet, domestic, morning. At lunchtime we headed to The Gribble Inn where we were joined by the Sonning Crew for lunch. We started by sitting in a choice position in the garden - but the drifting smoke from the self-harmers eventually drove us inside. We had a lovely lunch with lots of general chit-chat. No world problems were solved, but we were able to decide, definitively, on the food choice from the menu.

Meanwhile, the Gorse Fox has managed to chat with Cousteau-Cub online. She'll be here in a couple of weeks but is also trying to arrange to see some friends - so we were trying to get the dates for that sorted.

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