Sunday, May 07, 2017

Plan B

We had a plan. Let's call it Plan A. We, as part of the Sonning Crew, were going the Goodwood Breakfast Club. We would leave home at 9:30 to miss the traffic and then waltz in at our convenience to see all the exhibits then grabs breakfast. Sorted.

But 8:30 there were traffic warnings.

At 9:30 we met and decided to have a Plan B, just in case. We left in convoy and by the time we got to Chichester it was clear that traffic was still going to be a nightmare. We did a U-turn and switched to Plan B. Cutting through Chichester we headed down towards Wittering and pulled in to the car park of Russel's Garden Centre. The six of us had a super breakfast, then wandered around the various displays that they scattered around the centre. These were predominantly of furniture and nick-knacks, though they did have some impressive fire-pits. It was a lovely change, though it did mean that the Gorse Fox did miss his football.

The Gorse Fox suspects we'll do this again some time.

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