Monday, May 01, 2017

Paint and sawdust

The Gorse Fox headed out to the DIY stores. He had several things on his list as the Silver Vixen wants the floating shelves in her hobby room to be replaced. Now that the Gorse Fox has nearly finished the first one for the Orangery, he is more confident about what will be needed. While he was out, however, he had one of those Eureka! moments. This meant a change in the design and construction and that he had to do a bit of mental arithmetic as he walked round. He couldn't find the particular size wood that he would prefer, but he managed to get something pretty close that he could rip down to the right size. (Sighs! That means getting the bandsaw out again - just as he had it stowed away nicely).

Back home the Silver Vixen was knee deep in her sewing, so the Gorse Fox shuffled out to the garage. He finished off the shelf for the Orangery with a bit more sanding and a final coat of paint. Then he started on the markup of the lumber he would use for the Silver Vixen's shelves. Work has now started on these, and the Gorse Fox is waiting for some glued components to cure before he continues.

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