Tuesday, May 30, 2017

On Fire

It was cooler today and fairly overcast until mid afternoon. This meant we had some very comfortable conditions on the football pitch.

It was a good turn out. We had 28 players overall so split into four teams. When the Gorse Fox saw they way the teams had been formed he was expecting a bad day at the office. Our team had one striker (with a bad knee) and all the rest of the team were defenders (and two of them were not very mobile). The Gorse Fox decided to work as an advanced midfielder. Surprisingly, this actually worked well. In the first hour we played three games... and won all three. 3-1, 3-0, and 2-1. Better still the Gorse Fox scored four of the goals.

In the second hour we had three more games with a different team make-up. Again this went pretty well with a loss and two wins 0-1, 3-0, 2-1. Again, the Gorse Fox was on the score sheet. Overall he scored 5 goals today... and was accused of being "on fire".

Back home, Urban-Cub and baby Ellie were visiting. Once Ellie was fed and clearly not ready for sleep, the Gorse Fox suggested that he take her for a walk. The pram was loaded (a parasol put in place - as the sun had finally shown its face) and the Gorse Fox set off for a stroll round the estate. Ellie was soon settling and finally gave in and slept... at least until we got back home.

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