Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Old Lags

Today was a reunion. In the last couple of months the Gorse Fox had met up with two separate old college friends. Today was an opportunity for the three of us to get together and terrorise the streets of Brighton to recreate our year at Barnet College in the late 60's and early 70's.

It didn't start well. Andy was coming down from Bedford by train. The points failed at the entrance to  Brighton Station... Andy ended up having to return to Preston Park and eventually carry on by bus. An hour was wasted, but we finally linked up.

We made our way down to West Street where the Gorse Fox had heard of a Brazilian BBQ Restaurant. It seemed worth a try.

We settled down and took our plates to the salad bar to load up with various vegetables then settled back to the table. Our table had an indicator which we set to green. As long as it was green, servers would stop at the table and carve more meat of their fresh skewers of meat... steak, sirloin steak, pork loin, pork ribs, chicken, sausages... etc. It was a meat-lovers heaven and the meat was beautifully tender.

Eventually we turned our indicator over and the meat stopped coming. The Gorse Fox is not sure he will need any further protein this month.

We waddled out of the restaurant and down to the promenade. Some exercise was needed.

Normal reaction draws you towards the pier, but these Old Lags were always contrary so we wandered towards Hove. All along the front the local council are doing improvements and smartening up the whole promenade. Judging by the pictures on the hoardings, it will be very nice when it is finished and those parts that have been done certainly look very nice.

Next thing we knew it was approaching four o'clock. Andy needed to get his train so we did and about face and headed back. We said our goodbyes and resolved to meet up again soon.

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