Monday, May 22, 2017

Missing in Action

The Gorse Fox had a bit of a surprise whilst doing the accounts the other day. One bank account had gone missing. His aggregator hadn't picked up the balance or any transactions for a couple of weeks. He decided that it may not be a fault with the aggregator as everything else was working (including another account with the same bank).

He logged in to the online service. Not something he does regularly as this is effectively a savings account. He was greeted with the message that there was no account to view. A moment of panic set in. Surely the Labour party hadn't started stripping people's accounts before the election!

He noticed a red flag against the messages. It appears that a letter had been returned to them saying "Not at this address" so they had blocked the account. Heart rate was easing slightly. The Silver Vixen was able to elaborate and it appears they had the wrong house number on file and whilst our old postman sorted this out, we now have a new postman and he didn't know. The Silver Vixen has tried to correct this several times without success.

The Gorse Fox logged back on with view to correcting things. Oh no, not that easy. The features were not available on Sunday. This morning the Silver Vixen tried the telephone banking but no, again the computer says "no". So it was that we went in to Chichester to talk to someone in the branch. Finally we got some movement. The address is now correct, the bock has been lifted and the account should be fully available overnight.

A sigh of relief could be heard by most of West Sussex.

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