Monday, May 08, 2017

It's done

The final coat was applied to the floating shelves and they were left to dry. The Gorse Fox strolled into the village for a haircut, then wandered back and started clearing the garage ready for the next project or the car, depending on the way things play out this week.

After stopping for a quick bite to eat, the Gorse Fox invaded the Silver Vixen's projects room and replaced the old floating shelves with the new ones.

These are much more sturdy, and do the job nicely.

Back in the garage, he measured up the router  in order to build a jig for hinge cutting then returned to the task of clearing up and moving things about for the next project. Brackets needed to be moved so that a foldaway workbench could be constructed without getting in the way of the car door when the car is in the garage. The first wall brace has now been cut and installed and the Gorse Fox will return to his design drawings to complete the plans.

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