Saturday, May 27, 2017


Now and then you have a night's sleep that you look back upon and think "that was a good night". Not that the Gorse Fox has trouble sleeping, but some nights are worthy of comment!

The heat of the previous few days culminated in some overnight storms. Certainly it was the loudest thunder the Gorse Fox has ever heard - but he didn't actually notice and lightning. The day started overcast, warm, and still wet. It was late afternoon before the sun broke through. The Gorse Fox spent much of the day in the study.

The Silver Vixen wanted some planters for the garden. The Gorse Fox had some design work to do. The day was spent with Sketchup. Slowly, the Gorse Fox got to grips with a design that would work for these hexagonal planters and created the project cutting lists. Now all he has to do is get the wood and get started.

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