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GE2017 - Some Observations

Over the course of my voting life the Gorse Fox has seen a the ebb and flow of political parties and observed a number of interesting facts.

He tends to vote Conservative, but at each election looks at the alternative Labour option. (He doesn’t consider the Lib Dems to be a viable option - just harmless, well-meaning souls without a clue). He knows what the Conservatives are doing and have done, so spends his time re-evaluating the Labour alternative. Here are his deliberations for the 2017 General Election.

Each Labour Government has come in on a wave of optimism then spent vast amounts of money on public services. This is great news for the public services. There are several problems with this, however. One is that in most cases the Government didn’t have the funds to support this spending and ended up by either increasing taxes or increasing the national debt. Another problem is that they were held to ransom by their Union backers and usually backed down (The Gorse Fox believes the Unions to be little more than industrial terrorists nowadays). Finally they espouse the fact that everyone is ‘entitled’ but no one is ‘responsible’.

As each of these Labour Governments has eventually be superseded by a Conservative Government they tuck their tail between their legs and sit and snipe as the new Government tries to recover the broken finances. These periods of rebuilding, or austerity, allow them to claim the Conservatives are the nasty party. He doesn’t believe the Conservatives are the nasty party, but rather believe they are a party that wants everyone to have the incentive and opportunity to improve their lot, whilst supporting those with a genuine need, but not the lazy and feckless.

He would characterise the parties by saying that Tories look at success and say ‘we too can be like that’, whereas the Labour attitude seems to look at success and say ‘we want what they have, so take it from them and give it to us’. It’s all about creating a dependency culture by dragging people down to the lowest common denominator. Labour seems to be a party riddled with vitriol, with bullies, and protesters who only believe in free speech if it agrees with them.

A worrying trend is that the youngsters seem to be drawn to the hardline Labour rhetoric without any concept of what it was like before their policies were removed the first time. Inflation was out of control (take a look at current situation in Venezuela for an example), the Unions held us to ransom and unemployment soared.

There is an old saying - “If you're not a socialist when you're young you have no heart, if you're still a socialist when you're older you have no head”


The Gorse Fox makes the following observations regarding the current Labour plans.

  • They wish to re-nationalise the railways, the water industry, energy, the mail, and so forth. Anybody who remembers what it was like in the 60s and 70s should realise what a dreadful prospect that presents. British Rail was unaccountable, dreadful, and subject to whims of the Unions. The Unions could hold the whole country to ransom for any perceived injustice or desire for more money. 

  • The "fully costed" Labour manifesto costings don't include a single penny for nationalising energy, rail, water and Royal Mail. Not a penny. (Let us remember that it is ordinary shareholders and pension funds that own the companies that currently provide these facilities). 
  • Indeed the current estimate is that there a £58 billion black hole. 
  • Labour announces it's to scrap hospital parking charges, paid for by new charge on private health insurance. So this means those people who (in addition to paying their tax and NI contributions) save the NHS money by paying additionally for health insurance also have to pick up the burden of paying the parking charges (many of which are written into the PFI contracts and cannot be scrapped). 
  • Question: How will they pay for their plans? They won’t…. We will and our children will and our children’s children. They are like an adolescent with a credit card that has no limit and doesn’t appreciate it all has to be paid for. 
  • On water privatisation the only way that they can bills is to stop the current level of investment in renewing and improving the infrastructure… at a time when they are promising to build 1 million new homes. 
The IFS and the papers have shown the black hole in their costings and concluded that a) their plans would bankrupt the Country, and b) we would have the highest level of taxation since 1949.

  • Labour have proposed an inheritance tax that kicks in when assets of the deceased exceed £420,000… this will affect about 3.9 million people. If you have paid off your mortgage and live in a moderate house in the South - then assume your children will be affected and the Government will take a chunk of what you spent your life working for… even after paying tax on it when you earned it originally. 
  • Despite all of the expectations, Labour intend to continue with the current proposed 7Bn cut in benefits. 
An interesting fact from the IFS: The 1.3m people Lab want to hit with new 45p and 50p rates already pay more than 40% of all income tax. Furthermore as the top rate was cut from 98% in the late 1970s to 40% in 1988, the richest percentile went from paying 14% of income tax to 27%. This is clearly evidence that the Labour plan is about envy not economics.


Additionally, he has serious concerns regarding the leadership of the party and the vitriolic boot-boy supporters that they seem to attract. Let’s examine some the facts and the rhetoric.

  • Corbyn supports a number of terrorist organisations: the IRA, and Hamas, to name but two. This shows a poor lack of judgement. Indeed he said “it was ‘my pleasure and my honour’ to host ‘our friends from Hezbollah and our friends from Hamas’ in the Commons”. 
  • Corbyn and McDonnell actively supported criminals who murdered British soldiers and civilians As the Belfast Telegraph reports on “Jeremy Corbyn's three decades of comfort and aid to the Provisionals”. Even today he has refused to condemn the IRA. 
  • Corbyn has allowed the growth of overt anti-semitism in the Labour Party and then whitewashed its existence with a dreadful review by Chakrabathi. 
  • He's a patron of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which urges a boycott of Israeli goods in protest at the situation in Gaza. 
  • It has emerged now that he has been a closely associated with an organisation of Holocaust deniers for the past 10 years. 
  • He demands loyalty yet defied the Labour whip over 500 times 
It is worth considering that 172 Labour MPs voted no confidence in Corbyn as leader, but now they think his Government could run the rail, energy, mail and water industries?

  • McDonnell supports the boot-boys and terrorists. 
  • He is quoted: “It’s about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table. The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA” 
  • He also said how he would like to “go back to the 1980s and assassinate Thatcher”. Clearly the kinder face of politics. 
  • At a meeting regarding trying to sack Esther McVey the question was asked "Why are [we] sacking her? Why aren’t we lynching the bastard?” 
  • John McDonnell has described violent student riots as “the best of our movement”. 
  • He has also proclaimed the he is a Marxist. We should remember that Marxism espouses: 
    • High, punitive taxes 
    • Closing down business 
    • Removal of private property 
  • Diane Abbott is just incapable and seems to demonstrate it at every opportunity. 
  • She advocated the abolition of MI5 and the security services. 
  • She was so confused by the mathematics that she thought she could introduce 10,000 new police officers for a cost £300,000 before changing her mind and saying it would actually be closer to £80m. 
  • After the local elections When questioned during the ITN interview on the ‘net losses’, she answered: ‘At the time of us doing this interview I think the net losses are about 50.’ The interviewer quickly replied: ‘They’re actually about 125.’ She then attempted to cover the number gaffe by saying: ‘Well the last time I looked we had net losses of 100.” At the very least this is an admission she was tring to mislead. 
  • She blamed the Tories for increasing youth unemployment: “Since 2010 the Tories have…hugely increased youth unemployment.” However, figures from the Office for National Statistics show otherwise. From May-July 2010, 921,000 people aged 16-24 were unemployed, compared with the latest figures of 558,000 for December 2016-February 2017. Maybe facts and numbers were never her strong point. 
  • Abbott also has a dubious history regarding terrorists: she said (in an interview with The Times) in 1984 that Ireland “is our struggle - every defeat for the British state is a victory for all of us. A defeat in Northern ireland would be a defeat indeed”. 
The Gorse Fox would like to bring the following to your attention (again):
Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers. 
GF would like to acknowledge the originator of this, but he seems to be anonymous 


We should also remember their track record from previous terms in Government: 
  • They sold off the UK gold reserves when gold was at its lowest price 
  • They raided people’s pension pots to the tune of £10s of billions per year. The devastating impact of Labour's raid on pensions: The tax grab has cost workers £118bn since 1997. (Office for Budget Responsibility) 
  • They reneged on the promise to consult the electorate on the Lisbon Treaty 
  • They spent less, per capita, on the NHS than the current government. 
  • Only Sweden has spent more, per capita, on Health than the UK between 2010 and 2015.
  • They closed more of the mines than the Tory government (yet the Tory government get the blame). Harold Wilson closed 290 mines and Maggie thatcher closed 160. Just let that sink in. 
  • In fact they are very good at introducing policies that the Tories then get the blame for: 

  • They introduced the first private hospital in the NHS - and have still privatised more of the NHS than the Tories. (It's worth repeating that the Tories are spending MORE on the NHS than Labour promised to spend in their 2015 election manifesto.) 
  • Their attempt to rein in the Unions lead to the winter of discontent, and their inability to control the miners led to the three day week; rubbish piling up in the streets, and bodies remaining unburied. 
  • They are claiming to be the party for the many but I offer the following insight: 
    • In 2019/10, under Labour t
      • the minimum wage was £12,606 pa 
      • Tax allowance was £6,475 
      • Tax paid was £1,117.80 (9.27% of annual salary) 
      • Take home pay was £10,946.20
    • In 2017/18 under these vicious Tories 
      • the minimum wage is £15,600 pa 
      • Tax allowance is £11,500 
      • Tax payable is £820 (5.26% of annual salary) 
      • Take home pay is £14,780 
    • I would add that unemployment is at its lowest rate for 42 years 
  • They have attempted to weaponise the NHS and rolled out scare stories at EVERY election since the 60s… the Tories (even when they had a vast majority in the house) have never tried to privatise or destroy the NHS. What they have tried to do is control the waste and inefficiency that such a vast organisation engenders. 
  • This is nothing new as the image below reveals. Claims of NHS crises stretch back a long way. 

  • They introduced PFI which has saddled the NHS with an unsustainable level of debt. Labour left the NHS with a £300 billion PFI debt. Interestingly It was illegal to use PFI in the NHS until Tony Blair's National Health Service (Private Finance) Act 1997. 
  • PFI hospitals cost NHS £2bn pa and rising. Except for one, all PFI deals were signed by Labour governments between 1997 and 2010 

  • By the way did you know that in 2015 Labour ran a surplus of £4.3 million, but paid zero tax. The Conservative Party ran a surplus of just over a million and paid £238,000 in tax. 
  • John McDonnell was recently quoted saying: ‘Tax avoidance is a scourge on our society’. ( The Gorse Fox can only assume he will be sending a cheque to HMRC at some time soon). 
  • I have no particular axe to grind over immigration. Many do, however, and to them I point them to Peter Mandelson who admitted "We sent search parties out to get more people into the UK". 
  • Labour blocked a planned crackdown on tax avoidance that would have raised £8.6 billion for the Treasury.
But all in all facts tend to be a bit of a problem for the bully-boys and group-think acolytes of the Left. The Gorse Fox leaves you with the thought that we have the lowest unemployment numbers for years, industrial output is growing, our economy is one of the strongest in the world - and some people would risk this for a PM in which 172 of his own party had no confidence.

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