Friday, May 19, 2017


The Gorse Fox has had a frustrating day. It started with a trip to Chichester where he found a newly recommended hardware store. Would they have pulleys? Well the answer was yes, but not the sort that the Gorse Fox needs. They recommended another hardware store in town and, failing that, a chandler in Emsworth.

The Gorse Fox tried the second store - no luck.

He headed across to Emsworth. "It's right in the town centre" said the chap in the first shop. The Gorse Fox parked in the town centre and asked a passer-by. No clue. He asked another. "Oh yes" he said "It's not here in the town centre. You'll have to walk up to the station then through the car park. It's in an industrial unit there". The Gorse Fox set off. He found it without too much difficulty and went straight to the extensive range of pulleys. The assistant came over to offer help and to inform the Gorse Fox that the range of pulleys was subject to 50% discount. That seemed like a result.

The Gorse Fox started to look at the various options available and work out what he would need. He noticed there were no prices displayed and called the assistant. "Can you help me, my good man?" the chap came back across the shop. "Can you tell me how much these are; there are no prices displayed". The Gorse Fox was pointing at one of the smallest pulley blocks. The chap scuttled off and then slunk back. "With the 50% discount it is £17.34" he said.

As the Gorse Fox needs about 6 pulleys he decided that a yacht chandlery is probably not going to be a practical source unless he wins the lottery. He left.

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