Saturday, May 06, 2017

Feeling pleased

The Gorse Fox has had several hours in the garage. In this time he has rebated a channel for the tops and bottoms of the shelves. This done, he cut the tops and bottoms to fit and then glued and pinned them. The glue will take a while to set, but the addition of the pins will hold everything firm. He has also been round with the wood filler, touching up the marks left by the nailer, and any other slight imperfections that he may have noticed. He's now waiting for the filler to set... then he can sand it down and apply the primer/undercoat.

While he is waiting for the filler to set he has returned to the design diagram from which planned the first shelf. This has now been updated with all of the refinements he developed from the lessons learned making the prototype for the Orangery.

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