Thursday, May 18, 2017


Enamel is a very hard wearing substance. The Gorse Fox has seen a human tooth used in a drill to bore through masonry. Despite this human teeth seem susceptible to wear and tear and decay if not cared for. Today the Gorse Fox had his (now) regular check-up. This involved a the Dentist prodding a poking and taking some fresh X-rays (the last set were 3 years old). The Gorse Fox got a verbal pat on the head and a clean bill of health. "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it" she said. With that the Gorse Fox went out into Chichester with a satisfied grin.

He stopped off at Covers ( a local builders' merchant). They have vast selections of almost everything you could possibly need. The Gorse Fox was pleased to find some lovely American white oak which could prove a useful starter for the next project(s) - but his real purpose was to see if they had any suitable pulleys. It took some tracking down, but they did have two different types of pulley, neither of which was suitable for the workshop at home. Thwarted, he left.

It's been a quiet afternoon watching the rain as it drew patterns on the Orangery roof.

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