Friday, May 05, 2017

En Pointe

The Gorse Fox received an email from the Royal Albert Hall to advertise some upcoming events. A few were of interest and would be very tempting if we lived in London. One, however, seemed like a definite opportunity for the girls of the Sonning Crew. Tinkerbell had commented before that she likes ballet rather than Rock (unbelievable though it is), and the Birmingham City Ballet are putting on the Nutcracker at the RAH over the Christmas period. The Gorse Fox knows that the Silver Vixen would be up for it so just had to check with Tinkerbell and Lady Penelope. They said yes, so first think this morning, using his pre-release promo code he logged in and selected tickets. The Gorse Fox has offered to drive them all up there and pick them up when it's over.

Meanwhile, back in the garage the Gorse Fox has finished milling the outer frame of the floating shelves, and has finished the outer frame assembly. He is just waiting for the glue to set up as the next  operation will involved routing a rebate for the top and bottom of each shelf and that will require the mitred corner joints to be fairly robust.

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