Saturday, May 20, 2017

Catching up

We started the day with a trip down towards Selsey. Whilst in Chichester yesterday,  the Silver Vixen had seen some grasses that she wanted. She didn't, however, have the time to pick them up from the market so we headed down to the nursery. It was a bit muddy as there had been a lost of rain and the owner was having a huge house built near the entrance. The driveway was being churned up by the contractors. (It does look as if it will be superb when finished).

He took us along to the greenhouses and helped the Silver Vixen select the particular grasses that she wanted and did us a good deal on the transaction. From there we headed across to Hillier's at Fishbourne. Here she wanted some plants for the hanging baskets and also for a couple of pots that she wants to re-purpose. We made the most of the trip and stayed on for a coffee and cake before heading home.

Back home the Gorse Fox had some catching up to attend to. The last few weeks of DIY projects have meant that his usual Thursday morning accounts admin has been on hold. It was time to bring everything back up to date. So it was that the Gorse Fox has spent a chunk of the afternoon in front of the computer.

Talking of the DIY projects, the Gorse Fox thinks he has come up with a design and ultimately a solution for the pulley issue. New design only needs 2 pulleys and a ratchet winch. He will order these during the coming week.

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