Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Boy's Toys

The doorbell rang. The Gorse Fox was upstairs working on the design of a foldaway workbench, but having hit Save he headed down to answer the door. The lady from DPD stood there, box in hand, waiting for the Gorse Fox to sign for the delivery. He was happy it had arrived, but confused by the fact there was only a single box when he would have expected more. She explained this was all there was in this consignment. The Gorse Fox signed and went to open up the box.

The doorbell rang. He hadn't even cut the sticky tape on the parcel. He answered the door. The same lady from DPD stood there with several more boxes. Clearly they were a separate consignment and she hadn't been alerted to them until she had delivered the first box. The Gorse Fox was now very happy.

An hour or two later he had the router table assembled and the router unpacked. He is awaiting one last part (scheduled for tomorrow) before he can mount the router in the table. He has to admit that the instructions were non-existent, but the exploded diagram showed enough detail that the Gorse Fox managed the assembly without too many problems.

Finally, a trip to the tip (as it's closed on Thursday and Friday) to get rid of the packaging... and that's it for the day.

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