Saturday, May 13, 2017

A good run at it

The Gorse Fox has had a good day in the garage (workshop). He has made a lot of progress and the foldaway work bench has come together pretty well
In essence, it hinges at the wall and at the centre. It will have a plywood top once all the mechanics and fitting has been completed. There have certainly been a few 'adjustments' that have been needed during the build to accommodate everything neatly into a small package.

There are still problems that have to be solved. Firstly, there needs to be a solution to allow the outer legs (which are articulated) to lock in the open position. Then there needs to be a solution to ensure all of the legs lock into the vertical position when the worktop is open. The Gorse Fox also has to try and think of some sort of counterbalance as the whole think is already quite heavy and by the time it has a plywood top it will be too heavy to raise and lower easily. Finally, he needs to come up with a latch system to keep the whole unit folded away neatly against the wall.

None of these problems present a show-stopper... but they do require a bit of thought.

Meanwhile, Betty Rubble has come down to see us and has spent the day with the Silver Vixen. She's staying overnight, but has been across to see Urban-Cub and baby Ellie this afternoon.

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