Monday, April 10, 2017

What a Perfect Day

Again, the weather was gorgeous.

The Gorse Fox started the morning with some serious tidying up in the garage. Then, some last checking of the paintwork on the cabinet. Satisfied, he made another coffee and with the Silver Vixen sat out on the patio to enjoy the warm sun and the general feeling of contentment.

Finally stirring there were a few adjustments to be considered and one meant that he needed some different screws - the ones currently in use were too big and were causing the cabinet doors not to close properly. A quick trip to B&Q and a box of 3mm x 25mm screws and all was well.

Granddaughter Ellie turned up late in the morning with Urban-Cub in tow.

It was lovely to see them as it had been over a week since the last time, due to the Silver Vixen's cold. Miss Ellie was her usual gorgeous self, and after the Silver Vixen had fed her, the Gorse Fox took over and walked her up and down for and hour or so... just proving that the experience gained with Cousteau-Cub and Urban-Cub has come back into use and Miss Ellie was soon asleep.

Late in the afternoon we took Ellie across to meet Old Bill and Lady Penelope (unfortunately Tinkerbell and Two Hats were out). It gave the Gorse Fox an opportunity to ask Old Bill for a hand carrying the (heavy new) cabinet into the family room.

By tea time the cabinet was installed in the family room and ready to be loaded.

The Gorse Fox is pleased with the final product - though may make a few final tweaks.

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