Sunday, April 30, 2017


As a rule, the Gorse Fox covers about 5500 to 6500 steps per hour in his walking football games. Today the teams were split and the Gorse Fox took one look and realised they teams were seriously unbalanced. Our 'yellow' team had only two really mobile players and one of them was in goal. The orange team had the best goalkeeper and three very mobile strikers. The Gorse Fox was in for a hard game. We went ahead briefly, when the Gorse Fox scored a goal from his first kick... but it was all down hill after that and we ended up on the wrong end of 14 goals. The Gorse Fox did, however cover 8,900 steps in the hour - so it turned out to be really good exercise (if somewhat frustrating).

Back home he retired to the garage to address the end-grain issues of the shelf. He is now waiting while the filler sets up before sanding it back with a very fine grit paper, then re-painting.

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