Wednesday, April 05, 2017


It was a chilly start to the day and Jasper had the Gorse Fox up and about before 06:30. Chilly it may have been, but it was crystal clear and as the sun took hold the temperatures rose and it remained cloudless most of the day.

Wednesday means football so the Gorse Fox headed across to Worthing for his usual game. Today he was playing for the yellows... and lost. He covered a lot of ground as the team were hampered by two players who are less mobile than most. The trouble is that his usual accurate passing had evaporated. He could not have hit a barn door from 10 yards. (Fortunately, there were no barn doors on the pitch). He defended well, but made little contribution to the team's attack. The Gorse Fox thinks the final score was 6-3 but may have missed a goal or two on one side or t'other.

Back home he sat down with the Silver Vixen for a bite of lunch then headed to Screwfix for some water based primer/undercoat and a rebate bit for the router. The rebate bit was used for the doors of the new cabinet and made a fine job of creating the rebate. A 6mm sheet of MDF was cut to size the corners rounded to fit the corners of the rebate (the Blessed Norm Abram tends to square off the corners of the rebate and use square panel, but the gorse Fox allowed pragmatism to overcome technique in this case). Glued and pinned it was soon in place and the Gorse Fox moved on to the second door. Similarly it was soon ready and the Gorse Fox cut the raised panels that would adorn the "fields" in the doors. A healthy coat of glue and some block to hold them in the right position and they were soon weighted down and left to cure. Nothing else could be done today - though there's some final fitting and sanding on the agenda for tomorrow.

You may observe there have been no staged photos of the cabinet as the Gorse Fox has progressed. This is because it looks rather naff at present and won't really come together for a decent shot until painted.

The Gorse Fox has been giving the final finish a lot of thought. He has decided that the only way he is likely to finish that matches the existing units is to use a spray gun. Several hours were spent reviewing spray gun techniques on YouTube and our friend Mr Amazon was pressed into service to deliver an electric spray gun tomorrow. Not much else can be done today... so it's time to take a glass of wine out on to the deck and soak up some rays. (Retirement can be such a chore).

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