Sunday, April 16, 2017

Out and About

We popped across to see Urban-Cub and Pistol Pete. It was a lovely day, though there was a nip in the breeze. After Elli had been fed, we headed down to the front in LA.

There were plenty of people about, making the most of the long weekend and strolling in the sunshine.

We had parked near the iconic cafe to the east end of the promenade and walked towards the mouth of the River Arun and in towards town.

Some hardy individuals were actually playing in the sea. With the chilly wind, that took some real nerve... though the Gorse Fox suspects he would have done it when he was a young boy.

The funfair was busy and the tinkle of children's laughter and screams as they plunged down the log flume filled the air.

Turning up the side of the River, we headed towards town and admired the boats moored along the river banks. One huge cruiser was in a dreadful state of repair - it was such a shame as it  had clearly been a significant vessel in the past... and was, no doubt, costing a lot to keep moored in a prime spot on the river.

We stopped at the 'Look and Sea Centre'. It was time for a hot drink and a slice of cake. We found a sheltered corner out on the patio and sat and watched the world go by.

Eventually, we stirred and made our way back to the car. Ellie had woken by this point and was clearly ready for another feed. Fortunately, it only took a few minutes to get back to the house and settle her down. Whilst Pistol Pete and the Gorse Fox watched the Sunday afternoon football, Urban-Cub and the Silver Vixen prepared a fine roast dinner.

A perfect day, again.

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